Guide to Escape from Tarkov. How to survive in one of the most popular game on Twitch

Guide to Escape from Tarkov. How to survive in one of the most popular game on Twitch


Let’s try to understand the shooter that streamers around the world love and hate.

A lot of gamers worldwide are trying to escape from Tarkov. Raids into a virtual Russian town of the future, where two private military organizations are fighting to the death, became extremely popular at the beginning of the new decade. The game was ahead of League of Legends and Fortnite. Do you want to personally find out what exactly in Escape from Tarkov drives hundreds of thousands of viewers and players crazy, but you don’t know where to start? We will help.

What is Escape from Tarkov?

It is an extremely hardcore, read realistic multiplayer military first-person shooter with RPG and simulator elements. Developers pay special attention to the behavior of weapons, trying to transfer real pistols, machine guns, etc. to the virtual world as plausibly as possible. And it’s not about appearance, but about the phenomena characteristic of any weapon — wedge, overheating, wear, reloading, aiming, loading, and, of course, shooting.

The events occur in the imaginary Norvin Economic Zone, which was a bridge between Russia and Europe at the time of its heyday. In Tarkov, one of the area’s biggest towns, a corruption scandal broke out, the epicenter of which was a transatlantic company. Word for word – they started shooting from all sides. The participants in the conflict hired private military organizations to fight for Tarkov – USEC and BEAR. The gamer can select one of them.

Escape from Tarkov is a multiplayer game, but it also has story scenarios, for the passage of which a reward is given. During a raid into Tarkov to search for various items and, for sure, escape from it (otherwise, the game would not be called that), the player will meet both AI-controlled opponents and live players.

Roubles are the most typical kind of currency encountered and spent in the game. For the majority of your experience, roubles will be the most important currency. Weapons, the majority of upgrades for shelters, armor, medicines, and all the tools required for raid survival will be purchased with roubles. There are several ways to earn money in the game. First of all, you can buy Tarkov roubles. Players also have the opportunity to sell weapons and auxiliary items, participate in auctions and carefully explore maps in search of coins.

From the role-playing games Escape from Tarkov got a simulation of hunger, dehydration, blood pressure, injury simulation, and other things. Everything needs to be carefully monitored and the necessary actions taken. It is not enough just to choose a bandage from the inventory — you need to bandage exactly what you have got sick of due to an unsuccessful fall or an enemy bullet.

You can start a raid in Tarkov for your hero or a Wild one, they are also “skavs”. In simple words – the task is to appear in a certain location, which you can choose yourself, collect loot (from boxes, vaults, or corpses), and get to one of several evacuation zones. After that, all the collected junk is sold to a merchant, and the good items are saved in an individual cache.

Which server should a newcomer select?

You can use any server because their workload is nearly identical. Try to choose servers from your country to mitigate the effects of high ping.

Tips for succeeding in Escape from Tarkov

If you are afraid of losing your entire loot, select playing for the Wild One, whose weapons originate from yours. Nevertheless, if your Wild One dies bravely, nothing will be lost for your main hero. All treasures that you will find during the Wild raid can and have to be stored in a personal cache.

Finish quests. Each time, the assignments transform. Sometimes you have to find and pick up a specific item for a seller, and other times you have to fill up some scoundrel. In any case, this is the quickest way to acquire experience points, establish a reputation with a merchant, and get the opportunity for more difficult assignments.

Insure your possessions. In case you are concerned about losing your items while performing, you can protect them with various merchants. What is the way it function? You protect items, and they eventually return to you. It operates only in case they were not pulled away by some other player. Study the merchant’s insurance rules and regulations cautiously. Each individual has their own refund time and insurance price.

Keep an eye on the various body parts. Initially, all the characters have 435 life points, but they are evenly distributed across his body. The damage system is highly advanced; you may harm any part of your body. Damage is denoted by different colors. Everything is good if the body part is grey. It has been harmed and must be treated in red.  Black — prepare yourself for the funeral service, unless you urgently take some measures. Based on the damage status, you may use pain relievers, bandage the injury, or use regular first-aid supplies. You can investigate the consequences and damage by experience, however, it will be more effective, of course, to study special guides.

Escape from Tarkov. After starting a raid, you have to consider the way you will complete it. With not a black screen with demotivating music of the hero’s mortality, but rather an escape. First, locate a map of the region, then proceed to the needed evacuation place. To find out every potential escape alternative from the map, tap the “O” key two times. The amount of highlights you receive for successfully leaving the map is based on whether you are battling for a Wild or your player. You can determine if the evacuation location is operational by observing green smoke or illuminated lanterns close to it. Certain steps must be taken to escape from specific places. Enlist the help of the Wild AI, for instance, if you play for them. First, maps that are easily accessible via the Internet can assist you.
These are the fundamental principles that will guide you to Tarkov and assist you in escaping from it. And then do it again. This is a highly enticing but difficult game that teaches patience and endurance. But if you comprehend the core of it and allow it to be entirely up to you, you will not want to go away from Tarkov forever.

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