Indiblogger launches a press release publishing platform:

A press release (like this one) is usually the first thing that a business goes live with after its launch. And this is true for all the businesses, products and services out there. All kinds and sizes of businesses do this, be it startups, medium sized organizations or large scale companies. Indiblogger is providing a platform for such releases wherein anyone can get their press releases published by the right publishers and influencers in a time span of less than 72 hours. makes it easy for the business to target the relevant publishers. All the business has to do is upload their press release, and the ‘Automated Influencer Targeting Engine’ or ”AITE” as it is called by IndiBlogger, will start accepting applications for publishing of this post. It will then automatically shortlist bloggers based on factors which include internal ranking as well as ratings. The influencers, after getting shortlisted, do some research on the platform and publish their articles.

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Anoop Johnson, Co-founder & Director of Marketing at IndiBlogger, adds, “With a starting budget of just USD 150, a business of any size will be able to get their press releases published by influential bloggers with a few clicks.”

The most clumsy process associated with press releases is the process of finding and targeting the right influencers. Karthik DR, Co-founder & Business Head at IndiBlogger says, “The amount of time that people spend in trying to identify and contact influencers is huge. With, you don’t have to worry about any of this as the system just needs your Press Release. The rest is history!”

The website is not only limited to press releases. It assists digital marketers in many other ways such as SEO, awareness generation, content marketing and gaining conversations about the product which is driven majorly by platforms such as blogs. And IndiPR promises to be more than just press releases in the future. The website intends to let the influencers get creative with their assignments, get invitations to trendy launch events and be privy to exclusive launch news before the world wakes up to it.

Renie Ravin, the Founder and CEO of IndiBlogger, says, “We believe that this system will help Influencers with fresh and new content on their site every day. In a way, you could be writing about the next Google without even realising its immense potential.”

Contact Information:
Anoop Johnson
Phone – +91-9900-001655 or 0124-4891498

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Hi there! Want some more knowledge?

Think that the knowledge shared is helpful? You might want to give our mailing list a try. We'll send you 2-4 emails a month, right when new posts come out.