The best domain for your applications

The best domain for your applications


Depending on the industry you are in, the domain that is best suited for you will vary. The ever-increasing popularity of mobile apps in different parts of our day-to-day lives, from measuring our heart rate to reminding us about important meetings, necessitated the creation of a new domain. The .app domain was created exactly for this purpose and has become the natural choice for the websites of mobile applications. It is primarily aimed at developers who want to show off and advertise their applications to a larger audience. The use of this domain will allow for a centralized contact point for those who use your mobile app to find out more information about it and your company.

The value of this new domain can be clearly seen by looking at the interest of large corporations in it. The domain was purchased by Google in 2015 for a whopping sum of $25 million. Registering for a .app domain as a start-up or company is now more important than ever after Google’s purchase, as the interest in these domains continues to rise. It is important to secure a domain that will be in high demand to ensure that you have an edge over competitors in your industry. Having a unique .app domain will not only help users find your application, but it will also help to keep audiences engaged by providing relevant download links for new updates, release notes, reviews, and any other relevant information you wish to display.

Some of the biggest applications using the new .app domain include companies such as Cash App, which allows people to easily send and receive money; Puppr, which is a dog training app; and Fellow, which is a management app to help with managing teams of people. This just shows the vast array of different industries that can and do use the domain to host their websites. The introduction of the new top-level domain has helped with the difficulty of finding names to use under the popular .com domain. The new domain is also very secure as it will require all websites that use the .app domain to use HTTPS, which will help to protect against tracking by internet service providers as well as malware.

Choosing one’s domain name is arguably one of the most difficult, but also most important parts of your business. It needs to be relevant to the name or industry the business is in while also being eye-catching. With and other popular domains having been around for so long, it can be difficult to find the exact name you want due to the saturation of the domain. The .app domain offers a perfect opportunity for businesses and start-ups to use the domain they have always wanted, as it is fairly new in comparison. When choosing a domain name, it is important to remember a few key points:

  1. It is important to make sure it is easy to type, as it might be hard for customers to find your site if a word has multiple ways in which it is spelt or if you use a shortened or slang version of the word.
  2. Keeping it short is best, as the longer it is, the more likely potential customers are to misspell it.
  3. The use of keywords relevant to your business or industry can help to ensure that your domain name will be effective.
  4. As mentioned, try and make the domain name memorable and stand out from the crowd. As mentioned, this has been more difficult in recent years with the saturation of more popular domains, so the .app domain presents a perfect opportunity 
  5. Avoid using numbers in your name as people may not know whether you have used the number itself or written it out, e.g. (seven, or 7)

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