Why your Business Needs Custom Software Development

Why your Business Needs Custom Software Development


Businesses in the 21st century run through several factors including getting supplies, operation, management, customer service, and data gathering. Businesses may have a hard time surviving the competition when they don’t have tools such as software to oversee their operations. Know more about software in this link here.

For example, a restaurant may need to import lobsters and crabs on a company overseas. They need to oversee that the seafood arrives fresh. They need to make sure that logistics are smooth. They should serve the freshest crab dumplings or garlic butter lobster to their customers to ensure satisfaction and good ratings. The manager and the staff should also view the analytics to see if the restaurant is making profits. All of the operations can run smoothly when there’s software that is custom-made for that restaurant.

For some people, there’s the off-the-shelf software or OTS that they use to run their business operations. This can include Microsoft Word or Quickbooks that is enough to keep records and information about how they are doing on a daily or monthly basis. Read more about Quickbooks here: https://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/QuickBooks. However, a large company with lots of employees may need custom-built software that provides specifically for their needs. An example is a company that uses their own computer programs that are built expressly to make payments easier for its customers.

Different Needs of Different Companies

With a lot of commercially built software out there, most companies may not feel the need to build their own. But it is proven time and time again that when something is built to provide the specific needs of a company, operations become much easier and faster. The company can accelerate its efficiency and performance and can easily outdo its competitors in the process.

The need for every organization is unique. The needs of a flower shop are different from a plumbing company. The flower shop may need to import fresh roses and lilies and may need software to keep track of the cost of goods. On the other hand, the plumbing company may need to keep track of their sub-contractors’ timesheets so that paying wages to them becomes easier. Here are other hints that a corporation needs to get custom software.

When to Need Custom-Built Software?

When Business is Growing

There are times when a company running an online shop may receive a spike on customers’ orders. This usually happens at the beginning of the holidays or when there are new product launches. When the company can’t handle the high customer demands any longer, this can lead to delays in orders, poor client management, and missed deadlines. There might even be mix-ups in product orders that can lead to poor customer confusion.

To cater to the growing demands of the business, the help of a software development company in India should be used. It addresses the problems that organizations face on a daily basis. Employees may encode customer names on a sheet and the orders are automatically entered into the system. The delivery of the products is processed on the same day, or on the next business day to meet customers’ expectations.

There are times when a company needs to hire more employees for a smoother operation. Customized programs can keep things flowing smoothly since most of them provide work logs and timesheets for each employee to monitor their performance. It can also be easier for payroll to process salary when there’s a thorough record of the time when an employee comes to work.

Delays in Supply

When there’s an increase in customer demands for a certain product, the supply chain should be able to meet that demand. When a supplier is not properly informed about the incoming bulk orders, this can lead to unwanted blockages which delay the overall operations.

Customers tend to lose trust in a company that takes weeks to deliver what they have ordered. When the products are not delivered within the promised 5 to 7 business days, customers may become impatient. Frequent follow-ups can become a common thing and this can negatively impact the company image on the whole.

Transition of Business

There are times when a company decides to branch out. They transition from a small business with one shop to a medium-sized business with several branches across town. The move can be daunting and challenging for many owners. Information from one shop should be tracked and the overall data should match the information given by all the branches of the flower shop regardless of their location.

To help with the expansion, custom-made software can make sure that all data is integrated into one platform. It can also provide real-time information about finances, products sold daily, and other pieces of information that can lead to the growth of the company.

Benefits of Custom Software Development

custom software development
  • Efficiency
  • Scalability
  • More Profits
  • Independence

Efficiency – This means that the software is built according to the organization’s needs. As a result, the operations become smoother and the work becomes more efficient for the employees. Customers can benefit from efficiency as well since the employees can process their orders faster.

Scalability – With custom-built software, the scalability is never a problem when the business grows and makes several changes over time. The developers may incorporate new factors to the applications through the years which can help save a lot of money. This is unlike purchasing new Microsoft programs where you need to get a new license every year so that you remain up-to-date.

More Profits – Businesses who develop their own software from scratch can sell it to others through licensing. Aside from the profits that come with proper business management, the development and introduction of new ideas can develop trends and products that people will love to buy.

Independence – When a commercial or OTS vendor goes bankrupt, the software also stops its operations. This is a big inconvenience for many organizations. The need to find another one can be a challenge as new software may not work as efficiently as the old one. Having their own independent programs can make them free from price hikes and hiring expensive supports.

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