net neutrality in india

24 hours to save net neutrality in India

And, Indian government is back to what it always does best, trying to prove they are democratic, but making money behind the curtains. You can read more about the April version of net neutrality and the Facebook version of net neutrality to get to know more about the happenings in the past if you aren’t aware of it. After releasing the 1 million e-mails used for registering against net neutrality, the Indian government have yet again made a call for comments/suggestions on the topic of net neutrality. You have to go and register on the website and leave a comment saying that you don’t want a custom tailored definition of net neutrality for the country.

And, the deadline for the same is just a single day! (Update: The deadline has been extended till 20th August 5:00 PM now, go spread the word!) And leaving a comment is not that easy, you have to register first, make an account, get to the page and comment. And trust me, it is a pain. But one we need to undergo if we want the true freedom we deserve. So, go right now and do your part by posting a comment on the mygov website. There already are about 20,000 submissions there, and we need to hit the million mark once again. Hopefully, the democratic government will listen this time!

Here’s a video by AIB trying to hit back and tell everyone the importance of this:

So, just go and spam the forum and make net neutrality in India an example for all the telecom providers and Facebook too that united, we the people, can collectively take on them and not allow them to charge us for anything they feel like. And here’s a discussion on Reddit if you are still thinking of what to write. We need to act, NOW! Go and tell all your friends too. There is really very less time for the comments to close. Let’s make this independence day one with a free internet.