Wisdom Geek is a blog focused on sharing knowledge. The posts mainly will be technical and there will be some philosophy involved as well but the main purpose is to share knowledge learned through life experiences and put it out for the world to learn from. We are an open-minded community with a passion to share and learn. Thus the idea of “Knowledge, open-sourced.”

About Saransh Kataria

Born in Delhi, India, Saransh Kataria is the brain behind Wisdom Geek. Currently, Saransh is a software developer at a reputed firm in Spokane, Washington and he likes playing with new technologies to explore different possibilities. He holds an engineering degree in Computer Science. He also shares his passion for sharing knowledge as the community lead at Facebook Developer Circle Delhi, NCR which is a developer community in Delhi, India.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, you can reach him via email at saransh[at]wisdomgeek.com.