Hello World!

Hello World!


This blog post might come as a surprise to many since I have not written anything for a while now, and such has been life since joining the corporate world. But I recently realized that writing things used to help bring clarity inside my head. So, I have decided to get back to blogging.

A few friends reading this would immediately ask, what happened to Tech4every1? Although I have kept the spirit of Tech4every1 alive for more than 3 years now, it’s time I stopped writing only technology tips and tricks. This, here, is going to be a more generic blog, mostly focussing on new things I learn, and something I have never talked about, optimism. I will write some philosophical stuff which has helped me pump myself up when I was low, and the spirit of technology will also go hand in hand.

I am not sure how frequently I am going to post, nor am I sure about the topics I am going to write about. (Technology and Philosophy are on the list tentatively). This is truly an experiment started because I have lost quite a few things recently and it is about time I found something new. That way, the equilibrium of ups and downs is maintained (I was not kidding about philosophy, you see).

And to make things even more attractive, I am not going to blog alone this time. Already have a friend who is going to contribute to Wisdom Geek!

*Drum rolls*

Parth, a friend I made recently in a meetup, is going to be a co-author. Both of us are unaware of what the future holds, but one thing’s for sure, be ready for some interesting posts and videos as well. The next post will be by Parth on whatever he wishes to write about.

Till then, this is Saransh Kataria signing off! 😉

(Oh and do let me know about some topics you want me to write about in the comments below)

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