How to clear the global npx cache

How to clear the global npx cache


I have been using npx a lot lately, especially whenever I want to use a CLI tool. It is an excellent alternative to installing packages globally since it installs them in a temporary cache instead.

Even though it is installed in a temporary location, I figured it is a good idea to clear the cache once in a while. To do so, we can run the following command on a Mac:

rm -rf ~/.npm/_npx

And if we were on a Windows machine:

del /q /s %LocalAppData%/npm-cache/_npx

If npx cache is not located at one of these locations and we want to find the exact location for it, we can also use the following command to do so.

npm config get cache

And that is it. The command will clear the global npx cache and we can then install a new version if we want to do so or just have a clean slate to begin with. If you have any questions, do let us know in the comments below.

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