How to remove yourself from someone’s twitter list

Lists are often ignored by most people on twitter. Twitter lists can be a great way to organize your contacts. More often than not, they are not used for that purpose.

Someone recently added me to a Twitter list which was not appropriate for my account. There was no way to remove me from the list since it was not created by me. Hence I googled about a way to remove myself from the list and on finding not many articles, I wrote this post.

To know which lists you are subscribed to, you can simply go to your profile on the web, and click lists in the menu that shows on clicking your profile picture towards the right of your top bar. A page shows up wherein it shows tabs named “subscribed to” and “Member of”.

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The steps to remove yourself from another person’s twitter list are pretty simple:

  • Go to the list you have been added to
  • Visit the profile of the person who created the list
  • Block them for a few seconds
  • Unblock them (if you wish to)

The steps mentioned are easy to follow. This will lead to you both unfollowing each other. Also, it is worth noting that this will remove you from all lists of the person’s account. So if there is some list from the person you want to stay on, and some you don’t, you might request the person to remove you instead of blocking them.

Another thing worth noting is that if the person deleted their account after creating the list, you need to contact Twitter for assistance on the matter or wait for 90 days for the list to be removed (provided the person does not re-login in between).

14 thoughts on “How to remove yourself from someone’s twitter list

  1. How do i go to the profile? The only thing that happens when I tap the notice is going to the list there’s nothing there to tap to find the creator, I can’t find the profile through the search feature, too many carry the same name. No @ ID on it to use.

  2. WHY would you bother unblocking some fool that puts you on trashy lists? Once you block them the list mention on your profile goes away!

  3. Someone added me to a dumb list and their account is missing. Problem is… this was over 1 year ago, I’m pretty sure 90 days have passed.

    • Either the person logs in between, or has blocked you or some other thing. I am not a twitter employee. Maybe support can help you with this.

  4. When you navigate to the list you’ve been added to & wish to get off of, how do you find the person who created the list?
    Have tried everything & cant find creator of lists I dont want to be on…

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