A few minutes of this exercise can help improve your posture

A few minutes of this exercise can help improve your posture


Our posture is one issue that we all know exists, but we tend to ignore it. Most of us slouch in front of our computers the whole day. And we all are aware of the fact that sitting straight for long hours puts stress on our spine. But we still tend to neglect it and keep working. Just because we have a lot of things to do on the internet. This has become so prominent, that you can see hunchback listed as one of the prominent problems around. The internet era has made us so used to sitting in front of our keyboards, that we really need to observe our bad body posture and also find an exercise to help improve posture.

And the best part is that you do not have to keep exercising the whole day to improve posture. All you need to do is spend a couple of minutes twice a day on 3 simple exercises which will help improve your body posture. And when you think about the number of hours in your life that you have spent sitting on a chair, you will realize that it is a staggerring number. This has even led to a science/study about physiology and its impact on productivity known as ergonomics in the workplace but we are not going to talk about the technical depth of it in this post. What we are talking about is that there is a way which involves a few stretches which will help us improve our body posture. Here’s a video tutorial showing these short 3 exercises that will help you relax and also improve posture day by day.


So go ahead and try these out. You might start seeing the difference in your posture in a few days. All you need is an empty wall nearby and the willingness to work on your posture.

Whether these will completely fix your posture or not is something debatable. But doing them after sitting for a long period in front of a computer certainly made me feel better. The immediate results are temporary ones and practice for atleast a month will reap long term benefits. Just start spending a couple of minutes everyday doing it. Knowing preludes improving. So now that you are aware about this problem, you should start working on improving upon it.

And just a note: Do NOT take this as a solution to spinal problems. Take medical advice if need be and if you feel any discomfort or pain, contact your doctor.

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