Monthly Archives: December, 2021

Using GroupBy on an array of objects in JavaScript

Array grouping is a fairly common operation in any project. Until recently, we had to resort to either writing our own implementation...

Node.js introduces node: protocol imports

Node.js recently introduced a node: protocol for built-in modules. Built-in node modules can now be imported by prefixing the node: protocol prefix.

4 Tips To Maximize Your Productivity At Work

If you find yourself procrastinating because of the slightest distraction or don’t have an organized system to manage your productivity, this article...

JSON Modules in JavaScript

ES Modules were introduced in ES2015. The import and export keywords by default are only applicable to JavaScript code. But there is...

How to check if a string contains emojis in JavaScript?

If you have user-generated content in your web application, chances are you have to deal with strings containing emojis. Since emojis are...

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