Is CS:GO Worth Playing in 2023?

Is CS:GO Worth Playing in 2023?


CS:GO has remained a cultural phenomenon and has spearheaded the development of the FPS genre as a whole. With its humble beginnings as CS 1.6, the game quickly went through numerous iterations to become the juggernaut that it is today. This begs the question, is CS:GO worth playing in 2023?

Akin to CS:GO, RUST has cemented itself as one of the best games to play in the industry. With a ton of items and different weapons at your disposal, if you’ve been sitting around trading RUST items all day, you’d have immediately recognized the immense value some of these items have in the long run.

So is CS:GO worth playing in 2023? Especially with the advent of CS2 in the near future?

The Father of Tactical Shooters

If you’ve ever played Valorant or Rainbow Six Siege, you’d be smart to identify that a lot of factors we see in the game, such as the meticulously slow pacing and the requirement of map knowledge, are paramount to CS:GO in its essence.

However, unlike Valorant, which innovated on the genre by introducing abilities, and R6S, which introduced equipment and movement mechanics, CS:GO remained true to its nature by focusing entirely on aim.

So CS:GO, in its totality, focuses on ensuring that aim remains the primary contingent between an average and a professional player. Sprinkle in a bit of map knowledge, and you are looking at the humble beginnings of a genre-defining eSports scene.

Strategizing to Oblivion

Unlike FPS games like Call of Duty and Apex Legends, there’s an element of pregame strategizing that’s brought into the mix with CS:GO. With each passing round, you’ll be treated to a versatile economy that presents you with money based on the previous round’s performance.

Besides just strategies, the aspect of skins also comes along. In the mood to make sure you look absolutely dapper? Look no further than DMarket, a trusted marketplace for tons of different CS:GO skins that’ll surely keep you happy. 

In essence, you can plan to save up on one round to go all out with weapons and utility on the next in hope of catching the enemy off guard. Or you can pull in a clutch with a pistol round and set your economy up for success for a few more rounds.

As you move onto higher-ranked lobbies, economy management from a team’s perspective turns out to be quite important with guns being tossed and shared around. Of course, losing an AWP in the second round of Dust while attempting to snipe Mid Doors is a classic Chad move that we’ve grown to love over the years. Who cares about the economy in that case, right?

The Popularity of the Game

CS:GO has actually been steadily gaining players over the past few years, with its peak reaching about 1.3 million players on Steam in mid-2023. Valve has also been blessing the game with consistent updates, and there are even rumors of a Source 2 refresh coming in the near future.

Needless to say, CS:GO is brimming with opportunity in every sense of the word. From a continually thriving eSports scene to the adaptation of trading across the whole community, CS:GO has something for everyone.

So whether you are going to jump into the game to make a quick buck, want to hone your aim, or just like screaming at random individuals on the internet, CS:GO has got you covered and is absolutely worth playing in 2023!

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