How To Prepare A Thesis For Master’s Degree

How To Prepare A Thesis For Master’s Degree


Graduation from high school is a step that every student expects with anxiety. This is a passage from adolescence to adult life. This passage makes you face new challenges, decide the direction to move to, and present unknown obstacles. 

The decision that one makes is very individual and mostly depends on personal ambitions. Different ambitions require various engagements. Those who are willing to go on studying, enter colleges or universities. Many students remain satisfied with a bachelor’s degree, while others do not stop and prefer to gain a master’s degree. 

A Master’s degree is a postgraduate degree that a student gains after having obtained that bachelor’s. However, one should strive to be worthy of achieving this award. It will not be easy and fast because the arduous obstacle to overcome is a master’s thesis. So, if your future plans include reaching this level, it will be better to know how to prepare a thesis for a master’s degree. If the fear of writing a thesis cubs you, keep in mind one of the best companies providing help with thesis for master’s degree, The company’s scope is to assist students with achieving their dream, master’s degree. Its experts have already helped hundreds of students. 

What Is A Master Thesis: Its Purpose

 Answering the question: What is a master thesis, imagine that you have to write in 50-80 pages everything you have learned in two years. You have to demonstrate your postgraduate knowledge by writing an academic paper which must include research. 

 When you begin the voyage towards your master’s degree, you have to choose a thesis topic, first of all. Based on the question, you continue to dig into existing literature and findings to understand some aspects or develop your hypothesis. 

Sometimes the program at university provides a list of topics from which you may select the one you prefer. In many cases, you have an opportunity to decide by yourself what subject and what question you will research. The main purpose of a master’s thesis is to show and prove that you have the capacity to conduct deep research work, to apply your theoretical and practical skills in scientific research. This pdf covers the argument better. 

How To Write A Master’s Thesis: Types Of Data

As it mentioned above, writing a master’s thesis requires you to conduct research work. To better understand how to write a master’s thesis, remember that you must read a lot of literature, pull out information relevant to your statement, connect found data to your hypothesis, argue your findings, and make conclusions. As it flows from this, your issue is to collect as much information as possible and differentiate it.  Let’s see the types of data you can use:

  • Qualitative data

To manage this information you have to read and operate interviews, text, images, video, documents, diaries, and anything you cannot count. So, the research will be very descriptive if you use this type of data. Your task is to analyze responses, opinions, and viewpoints. 

  • Quantitative data

This type is a numerical one and is used mostly in fields of study dealing with math such as economics, physics, or chemistry. You can apply anything you can transform in numbers: weight, length, age, and other. The thesis will include many tabs and graphs. 

It’s up to you to decide the approach that fits you more and which you find more useful in your research. It’s not necessary to select only one type of data, but you can opt for a mixed methodology. Read the article “Collecting data” to find more. The major thing is a correspondence of found data to your statement. You must link found and proven information to your topic. 

Steps Of Master Thesis Defense Presentation

When defending your master’s thesis you have a tiny advantage: all the members of the committee will be current university scholars. Then presenting your final paper, you will see familiar faces. It doesn’t mean that you can write or defend your thesis mindlessly, as it remains a very important academic piece. But at least, you may know professors and they may know you. As a result, their scope is not to make you fail but to give you the possibility to obtain a master’s degree. 

The master thesis defense presentation can last up to 30 minutes. Bear in mind that many universities permit the usage of slides that make the thesis presentation more gripping and getting the topic easier. If you are familiar with some applications to use for slide creation, you can seize this opportunity.

After the oral presentation, be ready to answer the questions posed by professors and peers. This is the most anxious moment because everything is in your hands. To avoid potential pitfalls in answering questions, you should anticipate. The advice is, when you prepare for the defense, write down expected questions and their answers.

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