<strong>Top 5 YouTube Channels to Study Web Development Online</strong>

Top 5 YouTube Channels to Study Web Development Online


Many people would like to start learning web development from scratch and build their careers in the sphere of information technologies. However, various online and offline courses are often extremely expensive and can easily leave your budget empty. Moreover, some of the courses are designed for students with some coding or engineering experience. 

But what if you are a newbie in this field? What if you want to try web development and then decide whether this field is good for you? Should you pay for the courses to dip your toes into web development? The great news is that you can start learning by watching popular YouTube channels for beginner developers for free! In this post, you will find a list of top channels to subscribe to boost your skills in web development, improve your knowledge of coding, and create your first projects with professional mentors. 

Before You Try Web Development 

Coding is not an easy field where you can get some basic knowledge and start earning good money fast. You will need to constantly investigate new coding approaches, try using new tools for developers, and keep in touch with all the most modern trends in the IT field. Most experts believe that web development is one of the most difficult niches for learning, so get ready to spend almost all your free time to achieve excellent results. 

But what if you don’t have plenty of time to learn to code? Many students are loaded with dozens of academic assignments at schools, colleges, and universities and can hardly have an extra minute to dive into web development. If you are one of them, no worries. You can use some free essay examples to cope with your academic assignments faster and easier. As a result, you will have more time to spend on coding. Here is a list of YouTube channels that will help you with this goal.

Derek Banas 

This guy is a professional web developer who doesn’t mind sharing the secrets and tips of his job with a large audience. His channel contains over 1000 videos about different programming languages used in the field of web dev. What is more, there are plenty of videos for complete beginners, so you don’t need to have any background knowledge to start learning.

Those who have already tried coding can also find something special, too. The channel also has numerous videos for experienced developers. 

Derek Banas’ channel is a modern and up-to-date channel where you can find only relevant info about coding. The videos and additional info are updated every two weeks. 

Programming With Mosh 

This stylish and easy-to-watch channel is also a good start for beginners. If you are interested in the newest technologies used for coding or want to explore the very basics of web development, this channel might be the best choice for you. Most videos are pretty long, but will provide you with advanced descriptions and all the details about a chosen field. 

If you like, when someone explains everything in detail, Programming With Mosh is here to help. 

Web Dev Simplified 

Looking for more practice rather than listening to long lectures? Pay attention to the Web Dev Simplified channel. This channel is focused on providing only fresh and practical advice to beginner developers who are only trying to enter the world of coding. 

The channel has many categories, but the most popular ones are those designed for complete newbies. With this channel, you will feel more support and practical tasks exploring coding. Still, there are some videos for developers with basic experience, including advice from experts. 

Learn Code-Academy 

This channel offers a list of videos explaining the very basics of web development. If you would like to know more about how to create websites, understand the basic concepts used in the field, and have a clearer vision of what developers actually do, this option is the best one for you. Learn more about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CSS Layouts, Dev Ops, Docker, Server Administration, React.js, and various career paths to choose from when watching videos on Learn Code-Academy. 

The New Boston 

The channel has a whopping number of subscribers. Just imagine, over 2 million people are learning web development with The New Boston! It has remained one of the top channels to explore the world of coding for years. The number of videos available is also amazing – feel free to start learning with one of the 4300 videos available to all subscribers for free! 

The topics and niches to choose from are very diverse – starting from design to web and game development, computer programming, and many other related fields. Most experts recommend paying attention to HTML5 Tutorials Playlist, js Tutorials for Beginners, and Python 3.4 Programming Tutorials.

There are plenty of other channels you can use for learning purposes. Feel free to choose the most up-to-date and easy-to-understand options to make your coding process easier.

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